At The Law Offices of Monzione P.C., our entertainment law practice represents a broad range of high profile clients in print, music, media and television. Attorney Monzione’s entertainment law experience boasts of major entertainment icons and companies. Many of these attorney/client relationships are confidential, but some of the entertainment clients he has represented or worked with publicly include Muhammed Ali, Lana Turner, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Chuck Berry, and Phyllis McGuire of the McGuire Sisters, to name just a few. He continues to represent people in the entertainment business today, both in New Hampshire and California, and most recently negotiated motion picture deals with SONY and Columbia and copyright agreements with CBS, and book deals.

What distinguishes us from other entertainment law firms is the variety of services we offer. We handle motion picture deals, book deals, licensing agreements, actor contracts, performance contracts, and various copyright matters including litigating copyright infringement cases.

Our entertainment law experience in New Hampshire and California is second to none and notable entertainment industry icons hire us to negotiate deals and pursue claims. Our deep knowledge and understanding of entertainment law and the entertainment industry puts us at the forefront and gives us a clear advantage when working for our clients.

We are just as comfortable assisting young new talents as we are working for major entertainment personalities and corporations.

To learn more about how we can handle your entertainment law needs, please contact us for a free initial consultation today in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and California! Call: 603-569-9599

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