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Attorney Paul M. Monzione P.C., has successfully provided legal assistance to victims of construction defects. He has the knowledge and experience needed to protect the rights of victims and would be happy to assist you with your legal case. Please contact us for a free consultation if you or someone you know has suffered a construction defect in your home, place of business, or elsewhere, and would like us to help you in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and California!

Construction defects usually arise as a result of some form of deficiency relating to the design, material or subsurface of home, building, or other . It could also arise as a result of a building code violation. Common types of construction defects include heating defects, electrical defects, scaffolding defects, mechanical defects and plumbing defects.

The victims of construction defects may suffer serious bodily harm from things like inhaling toxic substances, to slips and falls leading to lifelong injuries or even death. Regardless of the severity of the case, construction defects should not be taken lightly. The manufacturers and builders should be held liable for any defects created by their negligence.

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