Briefly speaking, a tort is a civil wrong done to another person for which the person can recover damages. The word toxic comes from the word toxin and means something caused by a toxin (harmful substance). In a toxic tort claim therefore, the plaintiff asserts that the defendant’s conduct exposed him to a harmful chemical substance which caused the plaintiff’s injury or disease and for which the plaintiff is entitled to damages.

Exposure to toxins can lead to serious health issues at the forefront of which are respiratory damage, nerve damage and cancer. Common harmful exposures include lead paint, asbestos, food additives, hazardous wastes, and poisonous pesticides.

Sometimes, exposure to harmful substances can be traced back to one’s job. Examples of this are Benzene, Halogenated Carbon, and Glycol Ethers. The problem with work-related toxic torts is that the dangers associated with the exposure usually do not begin until many years after, at which time the plaintiff might have changed jobs several times and may not think to link her sickness to that particular employer.

Because uncovering the source of liability in toxic torts cases is complex, victims need to ensure that the right attorney is working for them. At the Law Offices of Monzione P.C., we have earned a great deal of admiration and respect from our peers, as well as the reputation of being an experienced torts law firm. Attorney Monzione began his legal career working closely with the famous Melvin M. Belli. Sr. who was known as “the king of torts.” His work with Mr. Belli exposed him to a lot of high profile tort cases from which he garnered a great deal of experience. For over 30 years, Attorney Monzione has continued to represent clients in major tort cases and his clients have been awarded millions of dollars in settlement.

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