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A claim for defective medical products might arise as a result of defective medication from pharmaceutical companies or where medical equipment has a manufacturing or design defect. Liability may also arise where a manufacturer fails to adequately warn consumers about the effects or dangers associated with a medical product or where the manufacturer makes false representations about the capabilities and effect of the product.

Defective medical products attorney
The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the agency charged with regulating medications and medical devices. The FDA must approve the marketing of medicines and medical devices before they become available for use. In order to obtain such approval, it is required that all products must be proven safe and effective. Despite these safeguards, there are certain situations whereby medications and medical devices are harmful for human use. Sometimes this occurs because the clinical trials upon which the approval is based cannot determine that it is absolutely safe for all members of the public.

Examples of medical devices that have been known to be defective include prosthetic knee and hip devices, biopsy equipment, heart valves, transvaginal mesh, and x-ray machines. In cosmetic medicine, breast implants have also been known to be defective. As a matter of fact, Attorney Monzione was actively involved in claims against most of these medical product manufacturers.

Medical product liability cases can be complex and therefore require an experienced defective medical device lawyer to go after the pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers. The Law Offices of Monzione P.C., has the knowledge and ability required to assist you with your claim.

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