Monzione Law Offices of New Hampshire is an experienced Defective products law firm. Defective products are those that do not meet the ordinary safe expectations of consumers. A defective product can lead to serious injuries, health complications, and sometimes, death. Common products that have been known to be unsafe and defective include medical devices, children’s toys, construction equipment, electronics, appliances, machinery, motor vehicles, and automobile accessories such as tires, seat belts, air bags, and many other products such as hover boards with their recent issues of catching fire and going up in flames for no apparent reason.

One who has been injured by a defective product may have a cause of action against the manufacturer and/or the retailer who sold the product. Claims can often be difficult to maintain because the manufacturers are usually big companies with large legal staffs and major insurance companies’ legal staffs defending their interests. Many times these claims end up in serious long term litigation. It is therefore important for one who has a claim to enlist the services of an experienced product liability attorney as soon as the product defect manifests so that the claim can be made immediately and evidence can be properly secured and safeguarded.

The Law Offices of Monzione P.C., has extensive experience handling product defect cases and we have a proven track record of success challenging major manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

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